CBD Oil Merchant Accounts

BMJ Group, Inc. has helped merchants process millions of dollars’ in CBD oil sales over the internet. We were also one of the first merchant services providers that built relationships with banks and processors to empower CBD oil businesses to sell their products online. Since 2014, we’ve worked almost exclusively with CBD oil businesses and are proud members of the National Hemp Association.

With the increase in service providers that offer credit card processing for CBD oil, it’s more important than ever to choose the right merchant services provider. Not only do we have a track record of providing the right solutions to businesses of any size, we also offer unrivalled customer service.

Why choose BMJ Group?

We offer merchant accounts for any business size. Not only do we help established businesses sell their CBD products online, we also help start-ups obtain credit card processing at affordable rates. We have solutions that do not require account minimums, and will attempt to find the best possible solution for business owners regardless of credit scores.

Rapid funding is another one of our offers. Because we offer domestic CBD oil merchant accounts, there is a faster deposit time of funds to merchants’ bank accounts.

Because of our decades of experience within the credit card processing industry, we’ve developed relationships with banks, processors, and other financial services institutions to provide the best solutions to merchants.

The application process

Applying for a merchant account with BMJ Group is simple and involves a single philosophy: the more documentation you provide, the better the chances of your approval are. Not only does providing all the necessary documentation the first time help move the process along, it also allows us to anticipate the underwriting requests for further information. By proactively supplying that information, such as utility bills, business licenses, etc., we can stay ahead of the curve and the processor has that much more to work with.

Merchant references available upon request